Benefits of the HCG Diet and HCG Medical Weight Loss

Brad Cummins, M.D. is a Louisville Kentucky HCG Doctor, that has been utilizing the HCG Diet to promote and restore health and happiness in the lives of men and women throughout his career. As a preventative and nutritive specialist, Brad Cummins, M.D. has been customizing HCG Diets to effectively shed unwanted weight in fat, facilitate lifestyle changes in eating habits and exercise, as well as ensure health and happiness throughout the aging process in Jefferson County and Louisville, KY.

Much of Brad Cummins, M.D. success is attributed to the ineffectiveness of other weight loss programs, diets, and exercise regimens. This is what sets the HCG Diet apart as a leading weight loss, life-changing, and preventative therapy. The HCG Diet utilizes the Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) hormone that was discovered by Dr. ATW Simeons, and published in his medical manuscript Pounds and Inches in 1954. Dr. Simeons is an award-winning British physician and well-published pioneer in the field of tropical medicine, which lead him to India where he discovered HCG, as well as obesity. While treating famished pregnant women who were miraculously still able to born healthy children, it was discovered that high levels of HCG were being secreted in the placenta to ensure the breakdown of the body’s fat to feed both the mother, as well as developing child. After having discovered and isolated this rare and unique hormone, Dr. Simeons brilliantly began applying it towards patients suffering from obesity both in India, as well as in Italy.

The HCG Diet couples regularly prescribed applications of the HCG hormone with a low-calorie diet, customized to the needs and goals of each individual patient. The low-calorie diet restricts a patient’s intake to just 500-550-Calories a day, the rest of the energy being subsidized by the metabolic processing of the already stored fat within the body. HCG is what allows this catabolic mechanism to occur, the hormone specifically targets fat stores located deep within the recesses of the body, allowing roughly 2,000-Calories in the form of fats to be converted to energy. Because of this, the HCG Diet does not leave patients feeling fatigued, irritable, hungry, or disappointed. The diet, consisting generally of lean meats, vegetables, and fruits, also helps to cultivate a better eating habit with clients. He specializes in customizing HCG Diets that work best for the needs of his patients based upon their dietary habits, food allergies, as well as nutritive health. Consult the Louisville KY HCG Doctor, Brad Cummins, M.D. to learn more about how you could lose up to 1 pound of fat a day!

Aside from the aesthetic benefits of losing weight, many patients who have tried the HCG Diet have also experienced:

Improved Metabolic Activity

Many patients who suffer from being overweight describe feelings of fatigue, exhaustion, and irritability. This is usually true for two reasons. One, carrying around more weight than needed requires the body to use more energy just staying mobile. Excess fat slows down the body, not just on the macro scale, but fat within the circulatory system, as well as inhibiting the digestive and respiratory systems prevents the body from maintaining metabolic efficiency. Two, patients that are overweight usually have poor diets. By starting the HCG Diet today, you can not only experience results within days, but also begin making your first steps towards a healthier lifestyle full of nutritiously rich and revitalizing foods.

Lower LDL, Higher HDL Cholesterol

The HCG Diet instantly minimalizes fat stores within the body, which, in turn, dramatically reduces the amount of “bad” cholesterol (LDL) found within the blood stream, thereby increasing the amount of “good” cholesterol (HDL). Lower levels of LDL cholesterol decreases chances of atherosclerosis, stroke, and heart attack, among other coronary heart conditions. The HCG Diet uses the excess fat in the body for fuel, as was naturally intended by the body. This improves the overall quality of cholesterol, and ultimately, the improved ability of the liver to function optimally, thus avoiding other chronic concerns such as non-alcoholic fatty liver diseases (NAFLD). If you already have concerns with your liver, talk to Brad Cummins, learn more about how the HCG Diet can help you on your road to recovery

Prevention of Hashimoto’s Disease and Hypothyroidism

Obesity affects the body in so many different ways and one such way is with the thyroid gland locating within the endocrine system. It is still not yet determined whether or not thyroid complications are a cause or an effect of obesity, but losing weight with the HCG Diet has been known to decrease inflammation as well as complications with metabolism, including prevention of Hashimoto’s Disease and hypothyroidism. In general, Body Mass Index and T4 levels within the body are inversely related and directly affect one another. Regulating your weight with the HCG Diet can also help stabilize your thyroid, reduce inflammation, and prevent further disease and illness.

Consult your Louisville HCG Diet Injection Doctor, Brad Cummins, M.D. to learn more about the many benefits associated with the HCG Diet, including how HCG can work preventatively for you, as well as treat some of the many conditions associated with excessive weight and obesity. With a customized HCG Diet, he can help you make the needed changes in your life to ensure longer, happier, and healthier living.